Blog: Brexit LIVE: Gloating Remainers rejoice as study finds ‘EU exit caused by low education’ – Daily Express

In the study published by the University of Leicester, researchers claimed had just three percent more of the population attended university, the UK may have not left the EU. Published in the peer-reviewed journal, World Development, access to higher education had been a major factor in how someone had voted. Indeed, the study also found a rate of turnout of less than seven percent would have changed the result much to the anguish of Remainers. 

Commenting on the study, some Twitter users took to social media to express sadness over its findings. 

One person said: “A slight increase in higher education could have kept Britain in the EU. Sigh.”

Jaime Solloso said: “Not abiding by a non-legally binding vote which has always had zero validity could have kept Britain in the EU.

“No other democratic country in the world abides by such a vote.”

Another said: “Even lessons in Civic Education might have helped: how our political system works, the role of the EU and the ECJ, advantages of the single market.”

Fabrizio Agnello said: “Maybe keeping higher education free (as it is in most Western EU countries) would have helped increase higher education among Brits.

“Remind me again who it was that decided that education should be treated as a commercial commodity rather than a public investment in the future?”

The study also found age and gender to be significant but not as essential as higher education. 


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