Blog: UK food shortages blamed on Brexit – NW Evening Mail

A range of major UK supermarkets, restaurants and pubs are warning customers of food shortages due to a delivery crisis. 

McDonald’s, Nando’s, Costa Coffee and KFC have all warned customers of certain products being out of stock.

Meanwhile, Tesco Asda and other major supermarkets have been left with empty shelves as food shortages hit Britain.

Co-Op’s chief executive, Steve Murrells, described the current food shortage crisis as being at the “worst level he has ever seen.”

Adelle Bear said: “Who needs milkshakes anyway?  I much prefer good old English rain water, with a little slice of sovereignty for flavour!”

Jonny Swift said: “Cheers to everyone who voted to leave the EU, I hope you’re happy.”

James Coward said: “Maccies didn’t have any kids soft drinks at all last week, they gave them a bottle of semi-skimmed milk instead!”

However, not everyone was so fast to blame the UK’s departure from the EU.

Barry Jon Udall said: “McDonald’s said we may not be able to order milkshakes. Hardly anything new that is it?”

Michael Vandon said: “Remember when remainers said immigration didn’t affect wages and low wages were due to large corporations not paying correct wages? 

“My brother’s wage doubled overnight as a delivery driver!

“Why would a large firm pay higher wages if they don’t have to?”

However, Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin said the shortages were mainly driven by industrial action in recent weeks by drivers and warehouse staff acting on behalf of Heineken.

“Strenuous efforts are being made to link supply issues to Brexit,” the executive chairman said.

“In this case the main link relates to industrial action, Brexit gave the power to the UK Government to allow more HGV drivers in, should it choose to do so.

“There are supply chain issues in many EU countries following the pandemic.

“It has been widely reported that there are shortages of 400,000 HGV drivers in Germany, France and Spain, for example, and Germany, in particular, is struggling with major worldwide supply chain issues.”

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