Blog: Letter: Brexit not to blame for so called ‘shortages’ – The Bolton News

Re; the letter blaming Brexit for empty shelves. Perhaps, if some of the people who find it better to live on the benefit system with its additional perks of housing benefit, free dental treatment etc than work for a living were to apply for the jobs the writer mentions, there would not be the same problems in or out of the European Union.

There was never any problem of finding labour for low paid jobs including working in farmers’ fields during the days of less state benefits and before membership of the European Union.

The benefit system has made our country a land of lazy people content to have migrants do all the low pay/minimum wage jobs.

Begs the question, is the writer one of them?


Brexit, once we are over Covid will allow this country to flourish.

We must first reform the benefit system and get people to work instead of getting a free ride on the back of others.

The thought that 100,000 class 1 drivers went back to Europe is absurd. There are freight companies in the UK that can move freight overnight to all parts of the country. You get your parcels from Amazon . We can produce our own food; it may be dearer but of good quality.

Regional airports and trains can be used as there is plenty of capacity and there is an abundance of unemployed labour. The world is our country’s oyster, we just have to quell a left wing culture of everything for nothing.


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