Blog: ‘Brexit didn’t go her way!’ Mantel urged to return damehood after ‘shamed’ UK swipe – Daily Express

contributor Dawn Neesom and slapped down author Hilary Mantel’s criticism on Britain. It comes after the historical novelist declared she hoped to take up Irish citizenship and leave the UK. Ms Neesom told Jeremy Vince that Ms Mantel should hand back her damehood which the writer was awarded in 2015. Ms Neesom argued that Ms Mantel  had “made her fame and fortune off of the back of writing about this country.”

Ms Neesom told Jeremy Vine: “I mean let’s face it she is a five-star ocean okay hypocrite isn’t she, basically.

“This is a woman who has made her fame and fortune off of the back of writing about this country.

“She accepted a damehood in 2015.

“So give that one back luv if you are going, and shut the door on the way out.”

“I mean basically this is hissy fits,” she continued.

“Sour grapes because Brexit didn’t go her way, isn’t it?

“And those migrants she is talking about there, I’ve never seen that abuse either.

“By the way, they have crossed four, possibly five European countries to get to Britain.

Ms Neesom added: ”If this is such a hateful place to be why do that want to be here?”

It comes after Ms Mantel told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica she was looking at ditching her British citizenship.

Ms Mantel said: “I don’t want to think that people are naturally slavish, and actually enjoy inequality, though I understand that they prefer change to continuity.

“I might breathe easier in a republic, and may be able to arrange it.

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“I hope to loop back into my family story and become an Irish citizen.”

She continued: “Our projected move has been held back by Covid, but much as I love where I live now, in the West Country, by the sea.

“I feel the need to be packing my bags, and to become a European again.”

She added: “My parents were both born in England, but the generation that shaped me was the one before that, and I was conscious of belonging to an Irish family.”

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