Blog: Final deadline approaches for post-Brexit residency applications for Brits in France – The Local Europe

The deadline for Brits who moved to France before the end of the Brexit transition period to apply for residency has already been extended once, but now the final deadline is just four weeks away.

Brits who moved to France before December 31st 2020 benefit from a simplified application process for the crucial carte de séjour residency card – but they must get their applications in by September 30th.

The previous deadline had been June 30th, but French authorities extended this to allow an extra three months for anyone who had not been able to submit their application in time.

From October 1st 2021, all Brits living in France will need to have the residency card, or proof of having applied for one, otherwise they will become undocumented migrants.

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This applies to all Brits who moved to France before December 30th 2020, including

  • Those married to a French or European national
  • Those who have been here a long time
  • Those who previously had a European carte de séjour. Only residency cards issued since 2019 are valid. People who have cards issued before 2019 need to swap them for the new Withdrawal Agreement card
  • Non-Brits whose residency rights in France derive from a British partner, spouse or family member eg someone in France on a spouse visa as the spouse of a UK national

The only exception is Brits who have dual nationality and have a French or other EU nation passport, although they can apply for the new residency card if they wish.

For the full details of how to apply, click HERE.

Brits who move to France after December 30th 2020 need to follow the new post-Brexit process, which involves getting a visa – full details HERE.

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