Blog: Brexit led to GB News – and an Andrew Neil shortage | Danny Wallace – The Independent

I pop GB News on maybe once a week for ten minutes while I’m waiting for something to boil.

I shouldn’t. I should just hit Netflix. I watch not for the opinions, but for the same reason I used to watch You’ve Been Framed. You’re never more than a moment away from someone getting hit in the metaphorical balls, and at £250 a clip, this station could bankrupt You’ve Been Framed in an hour.

But I don’t know where Andrew Neil is. He’s only managed eight out of the 52 Andrew Neil shows so far, perhaps proving Dominic Raab’s point when he co-authored that book saying Britain is a nation of idlers. Despite this, Neil has regularly insisted he is GB News’s flagship presenter. I have now written two pieces for The Independent, so as its flagship columnist, let me say this: I don’t think he knows what flagship means.

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