Blog: The Times view on Brexit and Prosecco: The Bubble of Fashion – The Times

Sales of prosecco in Britain have fallen but the market is booming in America and France


Has the sparkle gone out of life? The bubble, it seems, has burst. Prosecco, the Italian fizz that captured a generation of young Britons, is in short supply. Indeed, supplies have fallen by 9 per cent in the first quarter of this year, meaning that just as the sun finally came out, the stores ran dry.

Britain once was the top market for this upstart wine from northern Italy. It appeared at every reception, marked every exam passed or baby christened. It was hardly champagne — all that brut was missing. But it had one great advantage: it was a lot cheaper. And since the snobs hadn’t yet had time to split the brand into all those different terroirs so beloved of the cognoscenti, you

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