Blog: Brexit LIVE: Boris plans bonfire of EU red tape to turbocharge UK – ‘Time is right!’ – Daily Express

Ministers are set to announce this week how they will use new post-Brexit powers to axe certain EU regulations and “seize the opportunities” created by the UK leaving the bloc. A draft consultation will set out proposals for a “one-in-two-out” approach on red tape.

This would consist of a requirement to remove two “unnecessary regulations” before one new rule can be brought in.

The strategy was approved by Boris Johnson’s Committee on Better Regulation and also suggests methods to ensure regulations are beneficial and not burdensome for UK businesses.

This would be achieved by ensuring a ”swift and rigorous” review of new rules and regulations, replacing the current rule on reviewing regulations five years after they are introduced.

An improvement of regulations, ministers say, would also “free businesses from overbearing bureaucracy and consumers from unnecessary costs”.

A UK Government source told the Express: “Now is the right time to modernise our approach to regulation, as we recover from Covid and seize the opportunities of being an independent nation.

“The last thing we want is for red tape to hold our businesses back from new opportunities so we’re looking at ambitious reforms which mean we can free ourselves from unnecessary EU laws, and meet the Prime Minister’s bold ambitions and ensure that the UK is at the forefront of global innovation.”


2pm update: Boris urged to seize Brexit and thwart EU supertrawlers plundering UK seas

EU Supertrawlers have been caught violating protected areas around the UK in order to plunder Britain’s rich stocks.

In a desperate plea, Greenpeace has called on the UK to use Brexit as an opportunity to enforce greater protections for marine protected areas.

Although the UK has left the EU, super and bottomtrawlers are not banned from certain areas meaning they freely “tear off everything” in their path, Greenpeace warned.

12:30pm update: EU madness as France ‘imposing rules’ which risks destruction of 125-year-old pigeon racing

New EU regulations that prevent British pigeons from participating in well-known European races are a huge “overkill”, an expert has claimed as he pinned the blame on France for “imposing rules”.

UK pigeon racing fanciers lost the privilege of free movement on December 31 when the UK left the Brexit transition period and the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union.

Ian Evans, the CEO of the Royal Pigeon Association, said: “I think the EU is overkilling in terms of the risk associated with racing pigeons.”

11:30am update: Brits stripped of NHS rights if they move abroad after Brexit

Thousands of Brits who move abroad will lose their rights to healthcare coverage when they visit the UK and must pay to use NHS services.

Brits who moved to the European Union after the Brexit cut-off date of December 31, 2020 will be stripped of certain NHS entitlements.

About 460,000 British pensioners, the most common NHS users, already live in the EU, plus hundreds of thousands more people of working age.

10:30am update: Ukraine trade deal reopened after ‘errors’ 

The UK has reopened its trade deal with Ukraine after errors were found in the original text.

The deal was signed in October 2020 and the Independent reports the changes that needed to be made to the deal were not minor, and could have a significant impact on business trading in the country.

But a Department for International Trade spokesperson said: “It is standard practice for small sections of agreements to be amended and updated over time to reflect developments, or to add greater clarity that is helpful to businesses.” 

9:30am update: All change at the US embassy in UK

A new US ambassador for Brexit Britain looks finally to be on the way, six months after President Joe Biden was sworn in.

He is expected to nominate Jane Hartley, America’s former top diplomat in France.

The decision marks only the second time that a woman has been appointed to the Court of St James’s, following Anne Armstrong’s tenure in 1976.

8:30am update: Northern Ireland supermarkets calls for urgent action over NI Protocol 

Northern Ireland’s leading supermarkets have issued a call for urgent action to avoid trade disruption under the terms of the Brexit protocol.

Six of the UK’s leading retailers, representing over 75% of the region’s grocery market, have written to Brexit minister Lord Frost and European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic, calling for urgent action over trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Protocol, part of the Brexit deal, is aimed at avoiding a hard border with Ireland by effectively keeping Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods.

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