Blog: Brexit LIVE: Irish fishermen beg for cash to NOT fish as UK split finally hits hard – Daily Express

Plans for a Temporary Cessation Scheme by the Irish Fish Producers Organisation (IFPO) and Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation have been submitted to ministers. It comes as Ireland is set to suffer a 15 percent overall reduction in fishing quotas between 2021 and 2026, worth £36million.


The scheme, submitted to the Irish Department of Agriculture, suggests fishermen who own vessels over 40m in size, are paid about £31,000 each a month not to fish.

The plan reveals trawlermen could opt-in for up to a maximum of one month between September and December 2021.

If fishermen were to opt-in, they would be required to stop fishing and remain in port for that period.

Up to 18 vessels would benefit from this particular plan however other Cessation Scheme plans are being considered from other parts of Ireland.

This could see £8.6million paid out over the next 12 months to Irish trawlermen to tie up their boats and remain in Port.

A Department of Agriculture spokesperson said: “Proposals are a matter for the task force to consider.”

Funding is expected to come from the European Commission’s £42billion (€5billion) Brexit Adjustment Reserve fund.

Eurocrats say the funding focus is on countries and sectors worst affected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and include cash for fisheries.


8am update: Former Northern Ireland Secretary raises concerns over Protocol

Owen Paterson has warned of “anger, concern and bewilderment” from Northern Ireland residents because of the Protocol.

The former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland says a better and more permanent solution should be delivered soon over fears that further confusion may lead to anger among people living in Northern Ireland.

The North Shropshire MP said: “My concern is that this sense of bewilderment is turning into anger, and I think that is justified.”

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