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Boris Johnson is being “reckless and foolish” in his approach to Northern Ireland and is endangering the Good Friday Agreement, Labour has warned.

Writing in the Times, the party’s leader Keir Starmer said the prime minister is putting “his own narrow interests” above people in the territory and is threatening the peace process “through his dishonesty”.

His comments come after months of tense exchanges between the UK and the EU over the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol.

In his article, Mr Starmer also criticised the Brexit secretary David Frost for writing in the Irish Times that peace would be damaged unless a “new balance” was found for customs checks.

“It is hard to know whether Lord Frost is merely naive or deliberately provocative,” the Labour leader said, adding that “brinkmanship” was not the hallmark of a “serious politician”.

On Wednesday, Mr Johnson said that the recent problems over the movement of chilled meats from Great Britain to Northern Ireland were still “far from fixed”.

He also acknowledged that there was talk of an “exodus” of the Jewish community from Northern Ireland, as they struggling to access kosher foods because of the Brexit deal signed by the British government.


Labour says PM being ‘reckless and foolish’ over Northern Ireland

Keir Starmer has taken aim at Boris Johnson over his handling of the situation in Northern Ireland.

Writing in the Times, the Labour leader accused the prime minister of being “reckless and foolish” in his approach to the Good Friday Agreement, putting “his own narrow interest above those of the people of Northern Ireland”.

He added that Mr Johnson was risking the stability of the peace process “through his dishonesty”.

Rory Sullivan8 July 2021 07:56


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