Blog: Brexit Britain told not cave in to secure US trade deal with Biden -‘Have surplus already’ – Daily Express

Former ambassador to the US, Sir Christopher Meyer, argued the UK should be in no rush to strike a trade deal with the US. While speaking to Sky News’ Mark Austin, he pointed out the trade currently done between both nations. He argued Brexit Britain can continue to do so and doesn’t need to bend over backwards to strike a deal with Joe Biden‘s administration.

Mr Austin said: “We do need a free trade deal from the US?”

Sir Christopher replied: “Not really, it might help in the margins but I think it has been grossly overblown as a British objective.

“The fact of the matter is, the last time I looked at the statistics, the United States and the UK were still each other’s biggest foreign direct investors.

“The quantum of trade between our two countries and I meant this in both directions, it is enormous.

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“I think we have a surplus already with the US.

“So when we are all saying we need a trade agreement now, we don’t really need it all that much.

“We shouldn’t be in a hurry.

“If the Americans want to use it as a stick to beat us with, if you see what I mean, it is not worth worrying about.”

The Sky News host also pointed to the row with the EU over Northern Ireland in trying to secure a deal with the US.

He said: “So this sort of thought that Northern Ireland could be a deal-breaker on a trade deal, you don’t go along with that?”

Sir Christopher replied: “No I don’t go along with that.

“For this very reason, what is the American’s national interest and prime concern here?


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“It is to preserve the Good Friday Agreement.

“What is our greatest anxiety in Northern Ireland? The preservation of the Good Friday Agreement.

“We have identical intentions, us and the Americans.

“What we see, and I hope this message has gotten to Joe Biden today is, Northern Ireland Protocol in of itself is a threat to the stability of the Good Friday Agreement and that is the challenge.”

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