Blog: Jeremy Clarkson erupts at Brexit ‘stress’ over farming woes amid hardship filming new show – Express

has listed as high up on the list of most stressful aspects of being a farmer in the UK. The former Top Gear host was on Sky News to discuss his latest TV series ‘Clarkson’s Farm.’ Mr Clarkson told Sky presenter Niall Paterson that Brexit-related problems caused the biggest headaches for the farming sector alongside the weather, as well as “Government interference.”

Mr Clarkson told Sky News: “It is mostly weather-related – weather and Brexit.

“They give you the most stress.

“And government interference that is another really annoying aspect of farming.”

His new Amazon Prime docu-series sees the presenter attempt to manage his own farm in England. caught up with the Grand Tour star to discuss the project.

Asked what had spurred him to pick up farming, he replied: “I’ve honestly, I’ve no idea what it was. I mean, I’ve had the farm since about since 2008 but I haven’t really been involved with it at all. 

“Just a man in the village ran it and then he retired. And I don’t know what it was that I just thought ‘I can do that’.”

Mr Clarkson continued: “I genuinely thought he put seeds in the ground, weather happens and then food grows. 

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“So I just thought that’s not difficult. But it’s phenomenally difficult – the heartache is extraordinary. 

“And it is phenomenally badly paid,” he added before going on to say: “So then I thought, ‘well, if I get someone to film me doing it, that will offset some of the losses.’

“Which is about the only way you could make farming pay these days.”

He added the biggest problems he had been faced with had been: “Weather, weather, weather, weather, Brexit, weather, Covid, weather, weather and sheep would be the 10 biggest problems that we had. 

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“There were five separate weather records set, five in a 12-month period. 

“Every farmer around here said to me you couldn’t have chosen a worse year to start farming. 

“You couldn’t even get the seeds in the ground. We couldn’t even do that because it didn’t stop raining for nine weeks. 

“It was just ridiculous,” added the TV presenter.

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