Blog: Fianna Fáíl MEP: Brexit Minister not a ‘trustworthy interlocutor’ – EURACTIV

Fianna Fáíl MEP Barry Andrews of the Renew Europe group told an Irish parliament committee on Brexit that Brexit Minister David Frost is not a “trustworthy interlocutor” and that his current stance against the European Union is not credible, newspaper The Irish Times reported.

Andrews cited recent opinion pieces written by Frost as further elevating tensions between the two sides. 

“Being quite honest, I don’t say this lightly but I don’t believe David Frost is a trustworthy interlocutor,” Andrews said.

“He is of a cohort that has consistently underplayed the significance of Brexit for the island of Ireland. They have consistently ignored warnings about the effects of it on the island of Ireland and rammed through the Northern Ireland protocol to get Brexit done,” the MEP said.

“They are now blaming the EU, saying the British did not understand the circumstances in which the protocol was written, even though it was drafted in English by those who speak English as a second language,” he added.

“None of this is very credible. Unfortunately for Ireland we run the risk of being collateral damage in increased tensions between the EU and the UK,” the Renew MEP added. (Paula Kenny |

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