Blog: ‘Let me get a word out’ Iain Dale hits out at Boulton as he slams EU’s Brexit punishment – Daily Express

The pair were discussing the stagnation between post-Brexit Britain and the European Union. Mr Dale snapped at Mr Boulton after the Sky News host interrupted his point. Mr Dale insisted both sides needed to come together to resolve their differences in order to have a working trade relationship.

Mr Dale said: “If you are a Remainer, you are going to blame the Government.

“And if you are a Brexiteer you are going to blame the EU.”

Mr Boulton interrupted and said: “We didn’t agree to this, we were told that this was a good deal.”

Mr Dale hit back: “If you would let me get a word out, Adam.

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“Yes we did agree to it and David Frost, in that article, he said that there were parts of it that we didn’t realise what the consequences were.

“The EU have been purist about this, in a legal sense.

“But in the end, both sides are going to have to come to some sort of accommodation.”

Mr Dale highlighted the frustrations felt towards the EU over their treatment of Britain.

He said: “The British Government has sent the EU ten different papers over the past two weeks.

“They haven’t had a reply to any of them.

“Yet it is the EU that blames Britain for not really engaging, there is something wrong there somewhere.

“But when you have got a supermarket like Sainsbury’s that can’t import stuff from the rest of the UK because the EU says it can’t have it infecting the single market.

“Sainsbury’s doesn’t have a supermarket in the Republic of Ireland.

“None of its goods would go south of the border, so it is things like that where there should be a sensible solution.”

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