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Cabinet ministers have been calling Conservative backbenchers in their droves, in a last-ditch bid to avoid an embarrassing rebellion today. 

Several Tory MPs including former prime minister Theresa May have backed a technical amendment against his administration’s decision to renege on its manifesto pledge on foreign aid.

One rebel told the Daily Telegraph he had received “several calls from Cabinet” ministers, adding: ”The Government is very nervy.”

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, is thought to have been among those to make a personal plea this weekend. 

David Davis, another of the rebels, told Radio 4’s Today programme, it was a “morally poor position for the Government”, saying the cut would ”have devastating consequences around the world” and “kill people”. 

Solicitor General Lucy Frazer told Sky News: “We absolutely think [aid is] important but we have to consider the circumstances we are in. It is really important we spend money at home at this time of the pandemic.”

Of the ring-round, she said it was “normal for ministers to take the temperature of backbenchers”.

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