Blog: Spanish export costs to the UK see post-Brexit rise –

As the UK was the third most important destination for Spanish fruit and vegetable exports, during the first quarter of this year, it achieved 6% growth in the value of shipments. These shipments amounted to €675 million. However, this country’s exit from the European Union has increased the administrative costs of managing shipments and documentary procedures.

According to the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers of Exporters of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants (FEPEX), despite the increase in the value of exports, the volumes decreased during the indicated period by 6%, reaching 461,666 tons.

Regarding shipping costs to the UK, it was noted: “Since January 1 of this year, the exporting companies have been processing the Customs Declaration (DUA) and Certificate of Conformity with Marketing Standards.”

According to various Spanish media, horticultural exports were not the only affected. The situation adds to the difficult first quarter that Spain experienced, with a 3.5% drop in the volume of shipments to destination markets, as reported by the Customs and Excise Administration in mid-May.


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