Blog: Lord Frost exposes proof EU punishing UK for Brexit as he rages at lack of ‘common sense’ – Daily Express

In a joint appeal the ministers have issued a fresh attack on the Northern Ireland Protocol implemented as part of Boris Johnson’s Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Criticising the introduction of customs checks on goods travelling from Britain to Northern Ireland, the pair blamed Brussels for introducing unnecessary bureaucracy that was having a damaging impact on livelihoods in the province.

Their latest intervention comes ahead of a meeting of the UK-EU Joint Committee next week, when Britain is hoping to persuade the European Commission to show more pragmatism on the implementation of Brexit rules.

“We urge the EU to work with us to embrace a common sense approach, focused on genuine problems, not on mitigating against risks that don’t exist,” Lord Frost and Mr Lewis wrote in a Belfast newspaper.

“Only if implemented in a pragmatic and proportionate way can the Protocol support the peace process and ensure the people of Northern Ireland continue to see the benefits of prosperity and stability.

“If it does not do this, then it is not working.”

More to follow…

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