Blog: ‘I won’t buy a SINGLE item!’ EU Brexit grandstanding BACKFIRES as Britons begin boycott – Daily Express

Brexit: UK imports and exports evaluated by expert

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After the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed the value of goods imported from the European Union had dropped, some readers said they were trying to avoid buying any items from the bloc. In March 2019, imports from the remaining 27 EU member states totalled £25.2billion, compared with £17.8billion for the rest of the world. But this year, EU imports have plummeted by nearly 30 percent to £18.9billion, while non-EU imports increased slightly by 2.1 percent to £19.3billion.

This first time the latter has outstripped the former since records began.

In a further blow for Brussels following Brexit, the figures, shared by Facts4EU, also reveals a huge year-on-year drop in the value of imports from the EU27.

During the first three months of 2019, more than half (55.9 percent) of all good imported into the UK came from the bloc’s 27 remaining member states.

But that has started to dip since then, to 52.9 percent in the same period last year and to 48.7 percent during the three month period in 2021.

brexit uk eu imports exports

Brexit news: Britons are already boycotting goods coming from the EU (Image: GETTY)

brexit eu uk imports

Brexit news: The value of goods imported from EU dropped (Image: GETTY)

Now readers have revealed they are boycotting products coming from the EU, fuelled by outbursts towards Britain during the Brexit negotiations between the two sides and intense scaremongering.

Responding to our initial story, one person said: “The EU have spent the last five years insulting me and my country.

“Why on earth would I wish to buy their goods or services?

“I avoid everything EU at all cost, they have nothing but hatred for me and my fellow Great British People.”

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brexit uk eu boris johnson

Brexit news: Boris Johnson has continued to insist the UK will thrive outside the EU (Image: GETTY)

A second reader wrote: “I am doing my bit and I am not buying EU goods wherever I have a choice. No EU wine, butter or cheese etc.

“No EU cars and when I need new white goods I will make sure they are not from the EU.

“I definitely check origin of goods to make sure where stuff comes from so I do not but their goods.”

Another person commented: “I’m desperately trying to avoid buying anything from the EU where I can.”

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brexit uk eu imports

Brexit news: The EU’s monthly sales to the UK has fallen by £7.4billion over two years (Image: FACTS4EU)

brexit uk eu goods

Brexit news: The UK has been buying less from the EU27 and more from the rest of the world (Image: FACTS4EU)

A fourth reader raged: “The hatred from the EU has spurred me on to avoid buying any EU product.”

One more person fumed: “Put the EU flag on all their produce watch their business disappear.”

The UK and EU have been involved in several furious rows since the post-Brexit trade deal was signed on December 31, predominantly around EU fishing access in British waters and the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief Leigh Evans suggested British consumers are now starting to punish the bloc.

brexit uk eu timeline

Brexit news: The key moments that led to the UK’s departure from the EU (Image: EXPRESS)

He told “People still don’t feel they’re being heard and many seem to feel disillusioned by those who are supposed to represent them.

“The five years of the often bumpy ride of actually implementing the vote for Brexit – and the EU’s attitude to this decision – have only amplified this feeling.

“Perhaps as a result, some people have decided to use their economic power to express the strength of their feelings.”

Mr Evans added: “Over the past few years we have reported that officials in some EU countries (particularly Germany) have referred to the United Kingdom as ‘Treasure Island’.

“The reason for this is simple. We buy so much from them.

“Far more than they buy from us, as we have reported in detail many times.”

“It’s possible that some people now seem to be voting with their wallets in protest against the EU’s behaviour towards the UK.

“All of us have heard people saying how their buying decisions have changed and that they’re now trying to avoid buying EU products and services.”

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