Blog: EU hilariously mocked as Brussels tipped ‘to collapse within 10 years’ over new ‘revolt’ – Daily Express

Former MEP and Brexit Party leader Mr Farage launched a furious attack against the European Union, suggesting some of the remaining member states could follow Britain’s lead out of the bloc. He told Fox Business: “We are out, we are free, the deal may not be perfect but it’s a lot better than it was before. There is now a 70 percent approval rating for Brexit now. And the rest of Europe is looking at that too!

“Now they see Britain is doing well with Brexit, the overall European project itself, I don’t believe this globalist project will even exist in ten years time.”

Now Britons have brutally mocked the EU following the comments from Mr Farage, and have predicted a possible backlash from the remaining 27 member states.

Reacting to our initial story, one reader simply said: “The EU are revolting.”

One person replied to that comment: “It’s more, its members’ populations are starting to wake up.”

A second reader wrote: “The EU is living on borrowed time.

“Our economy is booming and that will only entice other countries to leave.

“It must be extremely depressing for the Remainers who hoped the UK would be collapsing now that we left.”

A third person added: “I love how Remoaners love quoting ‘easiest deal in history’.

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“They blame Brexit yet refuse to acknowledge that it’s the EU who refuse to cooperate.

“The EU thinks the UK can leave but keep on paying and following all their demands.

“To use their favourite words, the EU wants to “have their cake and eat it.”

The comments from Mr Farage come amid surging tensions between the UK and EU, with many insiders warning “bitter” Brussels could try to punish Britain for years to come.

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Whitehall officials fear these tensions will continue because the EU is struggling to adjust to the fact it has a genuine competitor in the UK.

Insiders believe the EU has deliberately bandied around threats during recent rows over fishing rights in British waters and Covid vaccines as the first port of call in the skirmishes.

Brexit minister and the UK’s former chief negotiator Lord Frost has urged his colleagues not to rise to their bait when issues with the UK-EU trade agreement arise.

Charles-Henri Gallois, the president of the Generation Frexit campaign group, recently argued the rebellion against the EU will continue to grow.

He told the desire for Frexit will surge if French President Emmanuel Macron continues to give powers to the EU.

The Generation Frexit president also claimed France would receive negative social and economic reforms from the bloc, further pushing the Frexit movement.

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