Blog: ‘What else do they want?’ Scots slam SNP IndyRef2 plan as they warn of Brexit chaos rerun – Daily Express

Scottish elections will see the attempt to secure an overwhelming majority in Holyrood in order to push Westminster into agreeing to a new independence referendum. has insisted Scotland would fare better outside of the United Kingdom as she claims London has repeatedly failed to recognise the position of Scots on issues such as Brexit. But some voters have cast doubts about the plans for independence, expressing concerns about the impact breaking away from the UK would have on the economy amid the ongoing health crisis.

One Edinburgh resident told DW: “I think we should stay in the Union.

“I didn’t want Brexit and that has been an absolute nightmare so why would you want to break up a union that’s hundreds and hundreds of years?

“It would cost a lot of money, and I think it would be terrible for the economy and I don’t think Scotland can afford to be independent.”

Another local said: “We have devolved powers. They have taxation powers, they have quite a lot of power.

“So I don’t see what else they want.”

Some voters however told the German broadcaster the “real entrepreneurship” of Scotland would help the nation succeed outside of the UK.

One woman said: “We have assets, great assets.

“I think throughout this, especially in Edinburgh, there’s been a real community feel, real entrepreneurship. I think that would be to the benefit of our country.”

And one young resident insisted independence would result in Scotland being able to make its own decision: “I think Scotland is a lot more liberal as a country rather than in England.

“And those choices we can make on our own and not have to go to Westminster for approval, which I don’t think we’d get.”

The economic impact on independence has emerged as one of the most contentious in the debate ahead of the Scottish elections.

In a focus group organised by BBC Radio 5 last week, Aberdeen local Dave insisted it would be “too risky” for Scotland to become independent in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

He said: “Scotland at the moment, and indeed the rest of the world at the moment, has no idea what economic situation is awaiting it.

“We’re still in furlough until the end of September.


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“We’re only gradually coming out of this crisis and only then will we get a better idea of what the business through Scotland, and indeed the rest of the country, are capable of doing.

“I think the economic situation at the moment is too risky for independence.”

The SNP has signalled a new independence referendum would be held in the first half of the new parliament, with the potential date set for 2023.

Nicola Sturgeon in 2020 had already requested permission to hold a new vote but was denied.

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