Blog: Letters: Brexit’s done so it’s time to rant about something else – Swindon Advertiser

I don’t know dear reader if, like me you find the never ending exchange of rants between Messers Morgan and Cowdrey a waste of a page in a paper?

We are suffering the effects of the greatest pandemic since the Black Plague, the world trembles at the Russian and Chinese aggression and vast swathes of forest are being devastated in order to produce Palm Oil yet these two dominate the pages with argument and counter argument regarding Brexit.

For pity’s sake give us a rest from the continual battering! There is plenty to discuss around the town, the potholes, road alterations in Stratton, the absolute mess of traffic control going into GWH at 8/9 in the morning.

No mention of the fantastic job being done at Steam, no thanks to all the volunteers or nursing staff helping turn our lives around and allow some normality to return to the country, just endless carping on and on about the bad/good bits of something which is over, settled and done.

Keep writing by all means but please find something else to rant about!

Graham Jackson



Party’s policies of division and hatred

Responding to the report Election Countdown, Mannington and Western (SA, May 1) and the fact that Ian Baxter candidate for the For Britain Movement gave no response to the request for information and a photo of himself, a quick visit to their website shows they have no policies and that they were formed by Anne Marie Waters in October 2017 shortly after she was defeated in the Ukip leadership election.

What their website does say is that they are Anti Islam, Anti immigration, Right Wing populists and British Nationalists. Nigel Farage says that they are Nazis and racists.

In 2018 this repugnant party fielded 15 candidates, of which nearly all of them came last in the seats they contested.

In the upcoming local elections they have 60 candidates standing across the UK,.

With such vile ideologies we’re not surprised that Ian Baker turned down the Adver’s request for any information.

Any voter with an ounce of decency will reject this vile party and its policies of division and hatred.

How would such a party help the people of Mannington and Western, and more so help the people of Swindon?

Martin and Mark Webb

Old Town

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