Blog: Amid lowering case counts, northeastern Vermont reports hotspots –

With lowering Covid-19 case counts, this week’s town-by-town map from the Department of Health is one of most optimistic since VTDigger began its weekly reporting in November.

Only six communities were reported to be in the health department’s highest category of viral spread, defined as more than 80 cases per 100,000 people in the past two weeks. And all of those communities have fewer than 3,000 residents, suggesting that, while their rate may be high, the actual number of cases is small.

Those communities were Groton, Lunenburg, Newbury, Norton, Peru and Topsham. Groton, Topsham and Newbury are neighbors along the border between Caledonia and Orange counties.

The Department of Financial Regulation reported Tuesday that cases fell in 13 of Vermont’s 14 counties last week. The exception was Lamoille County, where cases in the town of Johnson increased 34% in the past week to a total of 98 cases since the start of the pandemic. 

Check out the table above to look up how cases have changed in your community, or see the Department of Health map to find out how cases compare to your community’s population.

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