Blog: Food, drink trade between Ireland and Britain down, Brexit blamed – Big News Network

DUBLIN, Ireland: There has been a significant slowdown in exports of food between Ireland and the UK triggered by Brexit, according to a just-issued report by the Central Statistics Office.

According to the report, Irish exports of food and drink to Britain fell 35 percent from €641 million to €418 million in the first two months of 2021, compared to 2018.

While Britain remains Ireland’s largest food and drinks market, its share of exports has fallen, accounting for 23 percent of total exports in January and February this year, down 9 percent from 2018.

Of note, exports of food and drink products to Northern Ireland rose during this period, as more domestic firms might be shipping to Northern Ireland, and then on to Britain.
Commenting on the report, CSO statistician Michael Connolly said, “The initial impact of Brexit on this value chain is very evident in the analysis presented today.

“The importance of the British market as a destination for exports of food and drink companies and as a source of food and drink imports for the Irish retail sector is clear. Although the Irish food and drink value chain is highly globalized, there is still a major concentration of activity with Great Britain, accounting for 23 percent of exports of these products in January- February 2021, down from a concentration of 33 percent in January-February 2018.”

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