Blog: Tuch paper chosen among top 10 of 2020 | The Source – Washington University Record

The scholarship of Andrew Tuch, professor of law and expert on financial and securities regulation at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, has been chosen among the top articles of 2020.


Tuch’s paper, “Reassessing Self-Dealing: Between No Conflict and Fairness” was chosen by Corporate Practice Commentator as one of the Top 10 Corporate and Securities Articles of 2020. In the paper, Tuch challenges a central assumption in a long-running debate on which of two rules more effectively regulates opportunism by corporate directors.

Faculty nationwide were asked to select the best corporate and securities articles from a list published in legal journals during the year. More than 320 articles were on the 2020 list; this is the publication’s 27th annual poll. This is the second time the poll has recognized Tuch’s scholarship. A past poll also recognized Joel Seligman, professor of law.

Tuch uses conceptual insights from economics and finance to examine issues in corporate law and governance, securities regulation and financial regulation. He has published widely in the United States, England and Australia.

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