Blog: Can Brexit ever really be said to be ‘done’? –

The council and its specialised committees will aim to manage a relationship that has endured a turbulent 100 days or so since the UK left the transition period on Dec 31.

There are likely to be plenty of teething problems. 

Brussels has already asked Britain to be “pragmatic” over the granting of fishing licences for small French boats in the Channel. 

Paris has threatened to block any EU decision granting UK financial services firms to the EU market if Britain doesn’t play ball. 

But the commission is in no hurry to grant “equivalence” to the City. It may deign to begin considering the request in the middle of the year but the City may have moved onto new markets by then. 

There is also the EU’s demand for UK-manufactured AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines, foreign policy cooperation against Russia, the climate conference in Glasgow and the belated recognition of the EU’s ambassador in London’s diplomatic status to navigate.

On Wednesday, João Vale de Almeida suggested at the Institute for Government that Britain and Brussels were “condemned” to working together, despite Brexit.

“This is a relationship that because of its intensity, because of its depth, because of its complexity will require a lot of meetings, a lot of talking, a lot of exchanges across the Channel,” the ambassador said.

Brexit is very far from over. 

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