Blog: Post-Brexit production boost in Worcester as Mazak installs new machines – Worcester News

ONE of Worcester’s largest employers has boosted its post-Brexit production capacity with a multi-million pound investment in new machines.

Mazak has introduced a new state of the art machine to produce large component parts for the new Mazak machines built in Worcester.

The twin-pallet VERSATECH V-140N/280 and FJV-60/80 double-column vertical machining centre will provide a boost to productivity and efficiency, the company says.

The machine has replaced older on-site machines and will allow Mazak to increase the facility’s capacity for producing large components, enabling more work to be completed in-house.

The installations are the latest in a series of investments made at Mazak’s Worcester facility, which is the company’s sole machine tool manufacturing site in Europe.

Mazak had previously installed two new state-of-the-art manufacturing cells in 2019 to make parts for its extensive range of UK-made machine tools

Stuart Astley, production director at Yamazaki Mazak UK said: “These purchasing decisions are not ones we make lightly, as Mazak has cemented its status as a leading supplier of machining centres due to the high-performing options we offer.

“This quality must therefore be mirrored within our own production processes, and we are fully confident that these new machines can help maintain the level of machining quality and precision Mazak is renowned for.

“The best way to demonstrate the capability of state-of-the-art Mazak machine tools is to see them in action in a Mazak factory.

“The Worcester facility already enjoys iSMART Factory™ status and a prominent position in Mazak’s global manufacturing footprint, but the march of progress is forever ongoing and we must adapt accordingly.

“As such, the installation of large-scale machining centres with enhanced connectivity and compatibility with Smooth Scheduler software further strengthens the UK plant’s reputation as a blueprint for advanced manufacturing solutions.

“Not only will the installation of the new VERSATECH V-140N/280 and FJV-60/80 improve overall capacity at the facility, it will also ensure Mazak will remain agile and competitive during this exciting time for UK manufacturing.”

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