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It wasn’t the tax payer so most people outside of the BBC really don’t much care. What they do care about however is Brexit. Or more accurately how shiny and brand new “Global Britain” is faring four months after leaving the European Union. And by a lot of measures it seems not at all bad. As our columnist Leo McKinstry pointed out yesterday: “According to the IMF, Britain will enjoy the fastest expansion of any major developed nation over the next two years, reaching 5.3 percent this year and 5.1 percent next.

“It was not meant to be like this. An army of experts kept telling us the coronavirus and Brexit would leave us a battered, broken island. Cut off from the protective embrace of the EU, it was argued our trade would be wrecked as surely as our healthcare.

“But the sclerotic Brussels empire is the one in real trouble, as Britain forges ahead. What we can see now is not a post-Brexit decline, but a Brexit bounce.”

Fine words indeed – but not everyone agrees.

Fellow columnist Jayne Adye is adamant the Prime Minister has failed in his promise to get Brexit done.

In a column on Sunday she said: “The correct and sensible option right now is to tear up this broken deal and fully Get Britain Out of the EU before it is too late.

Any half measures and tweaks will not go far enough. Strong action is needed if we are to set out our stall on the world stage as an independent nation, rather than as a satellite of the EU, signed up to follow Brussels’ agenda for decades to come.”

But what do YOU think?

Is Brexit everything you hoped for? Has it worked out better or worse than you expected? Does the EU still have far too much say in Britain’s affairs? Or is it too early to say?

Take our poll below:

Can’t see the poll? Click here to take our poll and add your voice to the debate.

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