Blog: EU raid on London: MEP eyes ‘penalisations’ on UK capital over ‘unfair competition’ – Daily Express

Addressing the European Parliament ahead of MEPs’ vote on the UK-EU Brexit agreement, the leader of the Social and Democrats group said Boris Johnson failed to keep his promises to Brexiteers as both Northern Ireland and Gibraltar remain effectively shackled to the EU. She also warned London will be punished unless it respects the rules of fair competition. 

She said: “The loss of a significant partner is no reason to celebrate but after four years of complex negotiations we can state that the key goal of the EU in maintaining an area of free trade of goods with the UK, based on the motto of zero tariffs, zero quotas and zero unfair competition, has been achieved.

“Mr Barnier, I would like to pass on the thanks of the Social and Democrats group, conscious of the huge efforts required by the particularly difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic and the intransigent attitude on the other side of the channel.

“Brexit represents the big lie of the British right.

“Boris Johnson promised the UK the recovery of full sovereignty over its frontiers, its laws and waters.

“The reality is that Northern Ireland is still part of the customs union and the internal market of the European Union and Gibraltar will be joining the Schengen.

“And it will be Madrid which will guarantee that Schengen legislation is applied there.

“London will be subject to penalisation if there is unfair competition when it comes to physical labour and environmental standards.”

More to follow…

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