Blog: EU on brink over ‘dangerous’ German campaign to leave bloc: ‘How Brexit started!’ – Daily Express

A survey by the Allensbach Institute has revealed that just 15 percent of the German public now have a favourable opinion of the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen. The EU chief has been under extreme scrutiny in the past couple of months, as many accused her of hampering the continent’s vaccination campaigns with a botched, centralised procurement strategy. Approximately eight percent say that Germany has benefited from the EU’s vaccine purchases, while 46 percent said no.

But what is really striking is creeping euroscepticism.

Roughly 39 percent want repatriation of competences from the EU to member states, while only 12 percent want more competences for the EU.

The poll showed 63 percent think the EU is excessively bureaucratic, and 58 percent believe that Germany has to pay for over-indebted eurozone countries

In a recent report, head of Oxford-based think-tank Euro Intelligence Wolfgang Munchau insisted these figures should not be underestimated.

In particular, the political commentator argued the Dexit campaign by Alternative for Germany (Afd), a nationalist and right-wing populist political party, is now “more dangerous than it appears”.

He explained: “The AfD’s internal division might overshadow everything.

“But the party has the potential to attract protest votes from disgruntled Christian Democratic Union (CDU) voters, especially in the east.

“And it is the only party willing to fish in the pool of anti-EU sentiment.

“The Allensbach numbers don’t suggest that Germans are in their majority in favour of leaving the EU.

“But they do tell us that euroscepticism is large and persistent.”

He concluded: “We keep reminding ourselves that this is how Brexit started.”

AfD will contest elections later this year on an anti-EU, anti-lockdown and anti-immigration platform.

The so-called “Dexit” policy emerged at a two-day AfD conference earlier this month to firm up its strategy ahead of Germany’s general election in September.

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Its slogan will be “Germany. But normal.”

The AfD’s 600 delegates controversially met in person in Dresden, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Former Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis once argued the EU will not break up because of countries like Italy or Greece but because of Germany.

In a 2018 debate at the Oxford Union, the ex-Greek minister said: “The euro will break up, if it breaks up, I am not wishing that it does, I am simply describing the future as I see it.

“The way it will happen is that Germany will leave the euro once the Berlin political class has had enough of the riff raff, asking Greeks, the Italian, the French, the Portuguese and so on.

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“The moment they start sniffing in the wind that possibility they might have to bail out 2.7 trillion euros of Italian debt, believe you me, the Bundesbank already has a plan in the drawer for printing Deutsche Marks.”

Mr Varoufakis said all German accounts will be redenominated from euros to Deutsche Marks immediately, as Germany has a “gigantic account surplus”.

He added: “The nearer we are getting to a fragmentation of the euro, the higher of the value of the German euro is.

“Of course what will happen is euros will be shifted from Italian bank accounts to German bank accounts.

“This is already happening.

“There are about 200 billion in the last 18 months that have shifted from Italian to German bank accounts.

“Because of the risk of keeping your euros in a country that after the break up of the eurozone will see its currency redenominated downwards not outwards.”

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