Blog: What is Intrastat after Brexit? Is Intrastat required after Brexit? – Express

negotiations were ongoing for several years and one of the biggest issues during the talks was trade. As part of the single market, customs declarations were not necessary between the UK and other EU nations. However, the rules surrounding trading have now changed since the end of the transition period last year.

What is Intrastat?

Within the EU, EU countries do not require customs declarations between them.

Instead, exporters in the EU submit import and export trade figures on a system called Intrastat.

Until December 31, 2021, Intrastat is the system in the UK which collects statistics on arrivals from the EU to Great Britain.

Intrastat is also the system for collecting statistics on the trade of goods between Northern Ireland and EU member nations.

Further information on Intrastat can be found on the Government website HERE.

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However, Intrastat does not need to be used by people who move goods from Great Britain to the EU.

Since the end of the transition period, businesses exporting goods to the EU are no longer required to prepare Intrastat.

The Government website explains the following value of goods counts towards the £250,000 or £1.5million total:

  • bought or sold
  • hired, loaned or leased
  • supplied as part of a contract for services
  • supplied free of charge
  • moved in or out of the UK to be used in construction
  • transferred between two branches of your business
  • processed
  • moved out of the UK, then lost or destroyed

Do not count the value of:

  • services
  • goods you’re taking out of the UK temporarily

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Deloitte explains on its website: “Movements of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK do not have to be reported in the UK Intrastat declaration.”

As for the future of Intrastat, Deloitte adds: “As from 2022, businesses would no longer be required to report all arrivals of EU goods in the UK.

“For Northern Ireland, the obligation to report the arrivals and dispatches of goods from and to the EU will continue to be required for the lifetime of the Northern Ireland-protocol (minimum of four years).”

How do you make an Intrastat declaration?

Once someone has registered for Intrastat, they must make monthly Intrastat declarations.

Intrastat declarations can be made online or via specific software.

Each item being traded needs to be entered with a commodity code, which classifies the goods being traded.

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