Blog: ‘Change to 180!’ British expat slams Spain as he demands change to post-Brexit stay rules – Daily Express

Changes to visa rules in  after mean thousands of British homeowners now face 90-day limit on their residency status. Expats living unregistered in Spain may now have to return to the UK or risk falling foul of the new measures. British pensioners have begun voicing their opposition to the 90-day maximum stay requirements which the Spanish Government has vowed to enforce. 

One British national told CGTN Europe: “Fifty percent where I live are having to stay for 30-days and then have to go home.

“Half of them ain’t got nowhere to go, they have sold the house, they don’t even have family back home to stay with.

“You know this 90-day thing is just crimping everybody, instead of making it 180 and 90 which is what everybody would agree with and think it would be brilliant to do.

“There is people panicking on selling their properties purely because they are going to be away from their properties for 90 days.

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He added: “There are so many rumors going around we don’t know but at the same time I would love to see a future where we have got 180 days.” 

Prior to the UK leaving the EU, British tourists or second-home owners were able to live in Spain and other member countries indefinitely without needing to register.

However, under the new regulations, only those who hold the correct documentation will be permitted to stay beyond 90 days or face possible deportation.

Expats living in Spain have to now apply for a Government ID card in order to be allowed to remain regardless of how long they have been resident in the country.

One British pensioner told the Daily Mirror that Brexit has ruined his and his partner’s retirement plans.

Despite living in Spain for two decades, the pensioner, 72, who has a British passport and wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have really been screwed over.

“I have worked here for years and so has my partner who is still working.

“She enjoys all the liberties of the United Kingdom legally and we own a home in Spain where she also enjoys all the liberties as she has an EU passport.”

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They continued: “We spend four to six months a year in our home in Spain.

“However, now I have been discriminated against and must leave after 90 days and leave her there for as long as she so wishes.

“We have always been equal in everything we do but I have been told by the embassy that unless we marry under EU legislation I will not be allowed to stay with my partner.

“I may then not return to her for a further 180 days. “I need care at my age and I’m dreading being forced to be on my own away from my partner and friends in Spain for such a long time.”

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