Blog: Simon Calder: ‘Complicated’ Brexit passport rules for Europe travel – ‘for goodness sake’ – Express

Travel after Brexit is about to get much more complicated once European holidays are back on the cards for Britains. This summer Europe is expected to open up for UK holidaymakers once more.

Today Simon Calder warned all those planning to travel to check their passports and, most importantly, when those passports expired.

Speaking to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Simon said: “Since Brexit, since the transition period ended, it gets a lot more complicated going into Europe.

“The Government has an online passport checker system so if you are thinking of going abroad then for goodness sake don’t fall at the first hurdle and find that you haven’t got your passports in order.”

Ruth asked the expert when passports expire.

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Simon went on: “Passports are now valid for 10 years for adults, five years for children.

“But the rules going in to the Schengen area and very complicated when it comes to how much you have left.

“The Government is saying you really need six months left and it gets even more complicated if, like me, you have a passport issued in the past decade.”

The Schengen Area covers 26 European counties.

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Their mutual borders do not require any passport checks.

It covers a number of popular UK holiday destinations.

These include France, Italy, Spain, Malta and Greece.

Simon also detailed counties like to be on the UK green list for holidays.

British overseas territory Gibraltar was also one of his picks.

Eamonn Holmes ranted about the travel rules on today’s programme.

He said: “Quite frankly, it’s getting boring. Somebody make a decision somewhere.

“Do you know what, Simon?” Eamonn said. “I’m fed up with it.

“I’m fed up with it and there are deals within deals, you know.

“Why are you not getting tested if you’re coming from France or whatever, oh because we’ve done deals with people.”

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