Blog: Boris called ’embarrassing buffoon who knew nothing about Brexit’ –

Sir Alan Duncan was Boris Johnson’s deputy when the PM was foreign secretary (Pictures: Getty Images)

Boris Johnson has been named an ‘embarrassing buffoon’ who didn’t know any of the details on Brexit by his former deputy – who also attacked other top politicians, calling Priti Patel ‘a complete and utter nightmare’ and Theresa May ‘a frightened rabbit’.

Sir Alan Duncan was the prime minister’s deputy when he was foreign secretary. He quit politics in 2019 and has just begun publishing a series of memoirs about his time in Government titled The Thick of It.

In a new – unprecedentedly scathing – account of events, he claims Mr Johnson called him into his office in 2017 to accuse him of talking to a journalist who wrote an article calling him an ‘international joke’.

Sir Alan denied the claims, and Mr Johnson went on to ask him why diplomats didn’t take him seriously. His number two says he told him: ‘Just look in the f***ing mirror!’ 

The Tory leader publicly backed Theresa May but privately ‘despised’ her, it has been claimed.

Sir Alan said: ‘[Boris Johnson] despises May, and thinks he is the next Churchill. He has a self-deluding mock-romantic passion which is not rooted in realism. 

‘He is disloyal. His comedy routine has gone stale; his lack of seriousness in a serious job rankles; and he has little following among MPs. He seems to have embarked on a reckless journey into oblivion.

‘I try to be the dutiful number two, but have lost any respect for him. He is a clown, a self-centred ego, an embarrassing buffoon, with an untidy mind and sub-zero diplomatic judgement. He is an international stain on our reputation. He is a lonely, selfish, ill-disciplined, shambolic, shameless clot.’ 

Sir Alan Duncan was an MP 27 years before quitting politics in 2019 (Picture: Getty Images)
Priti Patel was called ‘a complete and utter nightmare’ (Picture: Getty Images)
Michael Gove was called an ‘unctuous freak’ and a ‘whacky weirdo’.  (Picture: Getty Images)

Many other politicians were savaged by Sir Alan who called Home secretary Priti Patel ‘a nothing person, a complete and utter nightmare, the Wicked Witch of Witham’.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove was branded ‘an unctuous freak, a whacky weirdo’. 

According to the MP of 27 years, Theresa May is a ‘frightened rabbit’ and ‘a cardboard cut-out’ who ran a ‘government of the walking dead’ after she lost her majority in the 2017 election with her ‘sub-zero social skills’. 

David Cameron was one of the few politicians who walked away from the memoir with some compliments. 

Sir Alan praised him for his ‘communication skills’ and ‘confidence’ while prime minister.

But Mr Cameron was also called ‘too glib’ and accused of making too many appointments from his close associates. 

Labour’s Emily Thornberry was also called a ‘graceless frump’ and former defence minister Tobias Ellwood a ‘childish twit’.

Sir Alan said Boris Johnson publicly supported Theresa May while privately ‘despising’ her (Picture: Getty Images)
David Cameron was praised for his confidence and communication skills but was accused of being ‘too glib’ (Picture: Rex Features)

Sir Alan was an MP for Rutland and Melton while acting as the UK’s minister of state of Europe and the Americas. 

He wrote daily diary entries during his last four years in politics as the Tories bickered amongst themselves about Brexit. 

It is unprecedented for a politician to publish such tell-all details so soon after retiring.

Downing Street declined to comment when approached by

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