Blog: Brexit news: Starmer flip flops on EU and now says there is ‘no case for rejoining’ – Daily Express

The once passionate Remainer, opened up about his current position on Brexit in an interview with The Telegraph. Keir Starmer, who once stood as Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Brexit secretary is well known for his battles against Brexit.

“We’ve left,” Sir Starmer said.

“We are no longer a member of the EU. We’ve got a deal, we’ve got to make that deal work.

“There’s no case for rejoining the EU and I’ve been very clear about that.”

He added: “The Remain-Leave debate is over.”

Sir Starmer once led a push within the Labour party to go for a second referendum on Brexit after the Conservatives failed to deliver their promises on deals for years following Britain’s exit from the EU.

Given the fact that the referendum was five years ago, there is speculation that Sir Starmer is encouraging supporters to accept the results in order to reestablish the Northern “Red Wall” seats that were stolen by the Tory’s in the last election.

Speaking on March 29 in Hartlepool, Sir Starmer said: “We don’t want to go back to the divisions of the 2016 referendum.

“Now what matters most is what the future looks like not what divisions we might have had in the past.”

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According to YouGov polls from last April, Labour was lagging around 20 percentage points behind the Tories in general election voting polls, but by January, Sir Starmer had halved the gap.

When Sir Starmer took over as leader of the Labour Party, they had just suffered their worst election defeat since 1935.

Due to Covid restrictions, Sir Starmer has yet to deliver a single speech as leader to an in-person audience.

He has previously stated that the “vaccine bounce” has given the Conservatives a boost in the last few months but is confident he can get the Party back on track when lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

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He said: “As we come out of year one into year two, I want to take the mask off and open the throttle.”

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