Blog: Londoner’s Diary: ‘Brexit has left Britain’s fashion industry in real danger of being bypassed’ – Evening Standard


new week and an exciting new Londoner’s Diary live blog. First up, fashion leaders warn that Brexit could seriously damage Britain’s fashion industry. Later today, Chris Packham tells us why he hopes posh foods will soon be sustainable food and we talk tea with Twiggy, who believes a cuppa can sort out almost anything – unless you are in America. In our SW1A Tim Laughton MP hopes the MPs sanctioned by China might earn themselves a nickname, while Sir David Amess tells us about his plans for a new statue…


Alexina Graham

/ Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

BREXIT will devastate the British fashion industry unless the Government provides urgent support, say fashion leaders. “We desperately need some kind of freedom of movement for creatives or at least a very easy visa process,” model Alexina Graham tells us. “I am often expected to hop on a flight the very next day for work or even sometimes the same day and [the proposed travel visas] will… make booking me less attractive to clients such as H&M and Mango.”

.John Horner, the managing director of Models 1, which represents Naomi Campbell and has already lost 40 per cent of its income to Covid, warns that Brexit will see “clients… go to Europe where they have a much bigger portfolio of models available and will bypass the UK”. Meanwhile Tamara Cincik, chief executive of the think tank Fashion Roundtable, questioned the Government’s political and uneven support for the fishing industry, “a 12,000 [strong] workforce that makes the same for the UK as fashion does in east London”. “This is not about Remain or Leave,” says Cincik. “This is about business.”

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