Blog: Britons furious as shellfish row with Brussels escalates: ‘EU must be taught a lesson!’ – Daily Express readers urged Boris Johnson to retaliate against the bloc’s ban on UK shellfish. The Prime Minister was said to have been angered when Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, snubbed a request to meet Environment Secretary George Eustice to diffuse the situation.

Commenting on this website, one reader fumed: “Boris, stop talking about what you could do and actually take some action.

“The EU will not take notice of words, only actions.

“Hit a big volume product like cheese or wine and put an embargo on it.

“The EU will soon want to talk and solve the problem.”

Another blasted: “What the HELL are you waiting for Boris. They are not going to stop playing their silly little games.

“Every time they do something against us HIT them FAST and HARD in Retaliation. They’ll soon get the message.”

A third wrote: “What are you waiting for Boris? Tit for tat is the only language they understand.”

Another insisted: “We can all live without buying French cheese and wine or German mercs and BMWs.

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“The Great British public should vote with their wallets and buy British.”

A fifth demanded: “If they are banning our goods, we must retaliate. The EU must be taught a lesson!”

One more added: “I’ve ‘BANNED’ almost everything EU – there’s almost always an alternative.

“Aussie wines, NZ butter, English cheese. English sparkling – AWARD WINNING- wine. The list goes on. Join me!”

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Last month, the EU confirmed that a ban on the export of live oysters, clams, scallops and mussels from Britain’s class B waters would become permanent due to the UK now being listed as a third country.

Ministers are reportedly looking at restricting the import of European mineral water and seed potatoes in response.

A Government source told The Telegraph: “There is thought being given to where we can leverage in other areas.

“We have continuity arrangements… we can stop these which means they won’t be able to sell their produce here.”

Earlier this month, former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe demanded Mr Johnson strike back at the EU’s shellfish ban

The former Conservative minister told talkRADIO: “Do we start hitting back? I think yes.

“By all means, try the diplomatic routes first, let’s be grown-ups.

“But the time may well come where we say, if you won’t have our shellfish, we won’t have your cheese.”

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