Blog: Pro-Brexit, anti-woke: the comic breaking all the rules – The Times

When even the man who wrote the book Woke fights shy of using the term, you know the debate around identity politics and social justice has gone from knotty to booby-trapped. Granted, the comedian Andrew Doyle was rubbishing rather than rubber-stamping a lot of what passes for “woke” thinking when he wrote his 2019 mock manifesto under the guise of his spoof social activist character Titania McGrath.

Titania is a trust-fund trendy with fiercely strong views on gender, race and pronouns. She has attracted more than 600,000 followers on Twitter for her consistently wrongheaded, worryingly plausible pronouncements such as, “Speaking or writing in English is an act of colonial violence.” Or, “The biggest threat to diversity are those who do not share my exact opinions.”

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