Blog: Britons furious as Nicola Sturgeon demands EU flags to be flown DESPITE Brexit – ‘Petty!’ – Daily Express

The SNP leader has ordered that the EU flag is flown from Scottish government buildings daily. Meanwhile, the Union Jack is only flown once a year on Remembrance Day. readers blasted Ms Sturgeon over her EU flag demands.

Commenting on this website, one fumed: “Just another reason Boris will keep on saying no to an indy ref.”

Another said: “The irony of wanting independence then flying the EU flag !!!!”

A third commented: “Just a useful EU idiot… can you imagine how even those in Europe are laughing at her actions… before dropping her like a soggy haggis once her usefulness is done… just like they did with Irish.”

Another hit out: “She obviously has a problem accepting the results of legal, democratic referenda.”

A fifth wrote: “There are very many proud Scots who will back the Saltire being flown but not the EU rag, this is a vote loser so carry on Nicola.”

Another raged: “A petty act, by a petty woman, now showing her true colours.”

One more mocked: “How do the EU feel about a non member flying their flag? I hope they tell her to take it down…….oh how I’d laugh!”

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The backlash comes as Foreign Office minister James Cleverly waded into the row

LBC host Nick Ferrari asked Mr Cleverly: “Nicola Sturgeon has ordered that the EU flag be flown on Scottish Government buildings, despite the UK having left the EU.

“What would you say to Nicola Sturgeon?”

Mr Cleverly insisted Ms Sturgeon needs to stop seeing the world “that she wishes it was”.

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He added: “It strikes me she’s really not good at listening to people when they make their voices known at referenda.

“In 2014 the people of Scotland by a majority said they wanted to remain part of the UK and the people of the UK by a majority said they wanted to leave the EU.

“Scotland is part of the UK, we are no longer part of the EU, that is the way the world actually is.”

Earlier this week, polled readers on whether Ms Sturgeon should be banned from flying the EU flag from Scottish government buildings, with a huge 92 percent of respondents saying yes. 

In the 2016 Brexit referendum, Scots voted to remain in the EU by 62 percent to 38 percent.

But the UK voted to leave as a whole by 52 percent to 48 percent.

A Scottish government spokesman said: “The EU flag is flown to reflect the overwhelming vote of the people of Scotland to remain in Europe, and as a mark of solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of EU citizens who continue to call Scotland home despite Brexit.”

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