Blog: Letter: How Brexit will impact the UK | News and Star – News & Star

While your two correspondents beat around the Brexit bush as to its effect on Scotland’s relationship with the UK, I thought your readers might be interested in the latest news regarding that subject about which I postulate all opinion agrees Brexit was the motivation.

More than five million applications have been made by EU citizens and their families (5,060,600) to carry on living and working in the UK now the Brexit transition period and freedom of movement have ended. 

More than 2.4 million have already been granted settled status, allowing them permanent leave to remain. 

As you reported last month, “about 3,000 of these are in Carlisle. Only 38,900 have been refused, and 50,600 were deemed invalid”.

The Prime Minister says that he is “immensely proud” of his Government’s undertaking to admit and later grant settlement and citizenship up to 4.5 million Hong Chinese. 

The Government estimates that 300,000 will arrive in the first five years, but some such similar figure was suggested when the Blair government admitted Poles in 2004, who eventually became four million and now five. 

Johnson similarly has literally no idea how many Chinese will come.

This month an unlimited number of work permits has also become available worldwide to those with basic English and much reduced salary and qualification requirements.

Some seven million UK jobs will be affected but, again, the government has no idea how many will come or put any precautionary limited on numbers.

As a result, there is no prospect of effective control over two massive sources of potential immigration.

Meanwhile, the first world’s flooding with third world immigrants (at a time of global pandemic) continues apace in America. 

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers forced to remain in Mexico while their claims were being processed in the United States will be allowed into America, as President Joe Biden seeks to dismantle some of Donald Trump’s strict immigration controls.

It is not only rampant plague we have to fear.

Richard Lennox


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