Blog: Brexit LIVE: Enough is enough! Frost to bully EU into major U-turn before April 1 deadline – Daily Express

Brexit: Barnier warns of ‘feelings of not being protected’

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Under the terms of Mr Johnson’s new EU trade deal Northern Ireland, remains tied to the European single market, resulting in some regulatory checks on trade with Great Britain. These will increase from April 1 when the current grace period for a number of restrictions expires.


“He needs to set his sights on a long-term solution” (Image: GETTY)

Lord Frost will confront the EU over its “overly legalistic” and “heavy-handed” interpretation of the new trade agreement, insiders have told the Daily Telegraph.

EU legislation has caused outrage in Northern Ireland with unionists demanding the return of uninterrupted trade with Great Britain.

Graffiti has appeared across loyalist areas attacking the restrictions whilst customs officials were briefly forced to stop work earlier this month following threats.

DUP leader Arlene Foster is demanding Britain withdraw from the Northern Ireland protocol.

The EU threatened to suspend this last month in a row over coronavirus vaccine doses, but backed down following outrage in London and Dublin.

Ms Foster, addressing Mr Johnson’s dilemma, said: “He needs to set his sights on a long-term solution rather than sticking plasters.

“Whether it is the flow of parcels, supermarket goods, chilled meats or medicines, from GB to NI, the United Kingdom single market has been ruptured.”

Lord Frost was appointed to the Cabinet as Minister responsible for EU Relations earlier this week.

He is taking on this role from Michael Gove with reports the prime minister is hoping for a tougher stand.



Boris Johnson agreed the UK’s new EU trade deal in December (Image: GETTY)


There is fury in Northern Ireland over additional trade restrictions with Great Britain (Image: GETTY)

6.30pm update: Brexit POLL: Should Nicola Sturgeon be banned from flying EU flag? VOTE

Nicola Sturgeon has been condemned after she announced the SNP would continue flying the EU flag over Scottish government buildings. But, now the UK has left the bloc, should she be banned from flying the flag?

The SNP administration has ordered Scottish Government buildings to continue to fly the EU flag, alongside the saltire, every day of the year. 

The instruction came via the Scottish Government’s 2021 flag flying guidance, which was approved by Ms Sturgeon.

5.40pm update: Brexit Britain snub: Joe Biden IGNORES Boris Johnson in Munich speech and talks up EU ties

Joe Biden has snubbed Boris Johnson and the UK as he stressed the importance of ties between the US and Europe.

Joe Biden issued a triumphant rallying call during the Munich Security Conference but failed to mention the UK.

The US President hailed the partnership between the United States and Europe as the “cornerstone” of his plans.

Joe Biden says EU alliance must be a ‘strong foundation’

4.15pm update: Michel Barnier said ‘Brexit means Brexit’ as he backed shellfish ban and mocked UK

Michel Barnier said “Brexit means Brexit” in a parting swipe at the UK as controversy brews over the EU’s shellfish ban.

The Government has come under pressure from the fishing industry in recent weeks, as many feel aggrieved as a result of the Brexit deal.

The ill-feeling was worsened when the EU banned the import of oysters, mussels, scallops, and cockles from the UK.

The EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier told the Brexit Republic podcast in January that “Brexit means Brexit” in an apparent jibe at the British Government.

Speaking as shellfish exports to the EU were hit with restrictions from Brussels, he backed the ban as he explained that the Brexit deal cannot be about “cherry picking”.

He said: “I look at what happened in the UK and also in the EU because of Brexit – Brexit means Brexit – It cannot be and will not be business as usual.

“We worked a lot to reach this agreement on Brexit, it’s done and now we have to implement this treaty. It cannot be about any kind of renegotiations, we have to implement carefully, precisely and objectively to find a solution, if we can’t find a solution we respect this treaty. It cannot be about any cherry picking.”

3.25pm update: UK and EU to continue sharing vital security data

The European Commission has said the UK’s data protection laws were in line with the bloc’s and it would start a process to allow a continued flow of police and financial data for the next four years.

Commission Vice President for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova said: “Ensuring free and safe flow of personal data is crucial for businesses and citizens on both sides of the Channel. The UK has left the EU, but not the European privacy family.

“At the same time, we should ensure that our decision will stand the test of time.”

Brexit news

Key moments that led to Brexit (Image: EXPRESS)

2.37pm update: Norway isn’t in the EU! Macron sidekick shamed for Twitter blunder – ‘You’re obsessed’

Emmanuel Macron’s Minister Clement Beaune has been accused of having an “obsession” for the EU after appearing to claim Norway was in the bloc.

Mr Beaune was mocked after he celebrated the NASA Mars rover landing as a “European” success, attaching an EU flag to a Tweet about the mission. Included in the Tweet was a photo showing the various parts of the rover created by member states Spain, France and Italy.

However, he also included the flag of Norway, which is not a member state.

The French European Affairs Minister wrote: “Perseverance. Superb space success NASA, with close European cooperation.”

But Les Patriotes leader, Florian Philippot, was prompt to point out Norway, who contributed to the space project, is not a member of the European Union.

He said: “Hold on, Norway belongs to the EU now?

“This obsession with love for the EU, even if it means telling big lies, is very unhealthy!”


Maron’s minister criticized after urging Norway to join the EU (Image: GETTY)

1.35pm update: Emmanuel Macron uprising: MEPs turn on leader after he demands France gives away vaccines

Emmanuel Macron has been condemned after calling for richer companies to give up vaccines to developing nations, with a number of MPs turning on the French president.

He said yesterday he believed the imbalance between access to vaccinations across the world was “politically unsustainable” and could fuel a “war of influence over vaccines”. Mr Macron also issued a warning over the roles played by China and Russia in offering their own inoculations to countries facing supply gaps.

But his call for vaccine doses to be shared with developing countries across the world was lambasted by French politicians as the French leader is still struggling to speed up his own vaccine strategy at home.

Far-right National Rally MEP Dominique Bilde said: “This comes from a President that only got 500 people vaccinated in a week…”

Echoing her comments, France Insoumise MEP Manon Aubry said: “New episode of Macron contradicting himself.

12:35pm update: EU fishing crisis: New Brexit rules create problems for Brussels – states demand UK talks

European trawlermen are struggling to adapt to the new post-Brexit rules when fishing in Britain’s coastal waters.

Dutch boats have warned that new technicalities introduced at the start of the year are hindering their access to UK fishing grounds.

They have successfully applied for special access permits but have been hit by “new technical regulations”, foreign minister Stef Blok warned in a letter to parliamentarians.

EU coastal nations have called on the European Commission to open urgent talks with the UK to address the issue, he added.

11:40am update: Von der Leyen attacked over ‘deplorable’ remark as new vaccine feud erupts with Russia

Russia has accused Ursula von der Leyen of acting in a “deplorable way” after the EU chief slammed the country’s coronavirus vaccine.

Moscow’s embassy in Brussels said the European Commission President’s remarks about the Sputnik V jab’s safety and efficacy was an attempt to “politicise” the pandemic.

Mrs von der Leyen used a recent press appearance to discredit the Russian state-backed vaccine.

Despite a number of EU countries lining up to buy doses of the jab, the German rubbished claims its manufacturer had applied for regulatory approval from the bloc’s medicines regulator.

She added: “I must say we still wonder why Russia is offering theoretically millions and millions of doses while not sufficiently progressing in vaccinating their own people.”

10:37am update: Spain’s hidden euro revolt: Spanish families hoarding 1.5billion worth of pesetas in homes

Spanish people have been hoarding the equivalent of 1.5 billion euros in old pesetas, it has emerged, in a blow to the European Union’s common currency project.

Spain joined the eurozone and adopted the euro over 20 years ago but Spanish people are still holding onto their old national currency.

While some are holding the currency for nostalgic reasons, some businesses are still accepting them.

Jesus Paino, the owner of a newsstand in the Spanish capital, told Euronews he was also accepting pesetas at his shop.

He said: “People of all ages come here.

“There are people from my generation – and they come from all over Madrid.

“People have had to take the car just to come here to spend their pesetas.”


Lord Frost has been appointed Cabinet Minister with responsibility for EU relations (Image: GETTY)

9:35am update: This could get ugly: EU admits panic over UK relationship as Lord Frost deployed

EU chiefs have warned against a “state of permanent tensions or dramas” in the post-Brexit relationship with the UK.

Diplomats and officials hope Lord Frost’s elevation to the Cabinet will help keep a lid on a series of rows brewing over Northern Ireland and the trade and security treaty.

Boris Johnson’s former chief negotiator was handed a seat in Cabinet and given full responsibility over Britain’s dealings with Brussels.

Lord Frost will takeover the so-called Joint Committee and Partnership Council that manage the UK and EU’s post-Brexit relationships.

08:40am update: EU army now! Macron blasts NATO and takes swipe at US before Biden showdown today

Emmanuel Macron renewed his call for a united European defence strategy in a stern warning to NATO leaders ahead of today’s G7 crunch meeting.

In a brutal attack on NATO, he urged the EU to move forward and focus on its own military cooperation.

Mr Macron told the FT: “I am a defender of European sovereignty, of strategic autonomy, not because I’m against NATO or because I doubt our American friends, but because I am lucid on the state of the world.

“Because I think we need a fair sharing of the burden and Europe cannot delegate its protection and the protection of its neighbourhood to the USA and so we have to do it together.”

07.43am update: Buy BRITISH! Brexiteer Redwood orders urgent delivery of Cornish fish – EU exports snubbed

Brexiteer Sir John Redwood has continued his push for people to buy British after revealing he is waiting for a delivery of Cornish fish as “some supermarkets are still not offering enough UK produce”.

Earlier this week, a new survey indicated a third of British consumers have stopped buying produce from EU countries since Brexit.

Sir John said the results of that survey emphasised exactly why the bloc needs to make it as simple as possible to get goods into the UK – instead of its current “curious” attitude.

The research, undertaken Censuswide for Eskenzi PR and Marketing quizzing 1,000 people living in the UK, found 34 percent had stopped buying goods and services from the EU since the UK finally severed all ties from the bloc following the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31.

(Additional reporting by James Bickerton)

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