Blog: Over Five Million EU Citizens Have Applied to Remain in Post-Brexit UK, So Far – –

More than five million citizens of the European Union Member States have applied for the United Kingdom’s EU Settlement Scheme so far, with the application deadline less than five months away.

Data published by the UK Home Office on February 11, 2021, shows that there were over five million applications admitted by the British authorities, more than 4.5 million of which were from England, 83,800 from Wales, 252,400 from Scotland, and another 81,800 from Northern Ireland.

More than 4.5 million persons who have applied to remain in the UK post-Brexit through the EU Settlement Scheme have been granted with their status, the Home Office notes.

Commenting on the milestone of five million applications, Home Secretary Priti Patel called it ‘fantastic news.’

It is fantastic news that over 5 million applications have been made to the hugely successful EU Settlement Scheme. It’s the biggest Scheme of its kind in UK history and will mean European citizens and their families can continue to call the UK home,” Patel said.

The Minister for Future Borders and Immigration Kevin Foster used the opportunity to urge European citizens and their family members to apply as soon as possible and join the millions who have already been through the process to obtain their status.

There is plenty of support available, and the new funding announced today means no stone will be left unturned in ensuring everyone gets the help they need,” he said. previously had reported that about 4.9 million EU citizens had applied in the UK for the EU Settlement Scheme by December 31, 2020.

£1.5 Million Campaign Launched to Remind EU Citizens in UK of EU Settlement Scheme Deadline

Less than five months in advance of the deadline of the EU Settlement Scheme, which is June 30, 2021, the UK Home Office has also launched a new campaign worth £1.5 million in order to remind EU citizens and their family members who haven’t applied yet, to apply on time.

The new campaign is additional to the previous £4.6 million campaign already completed.

£4.5 Million of Funding Allocated to 72 Organisations

The UK government has also allocated an additional amount of £4.5 million of funding for 72 organisations throughout the UK, which support the vulnerable and hard-to-reach to apply for the Scheme, in addition to the £17 million already provided in this regard.

The 72 organisations that are set to benefit from this funding are responsible for reaching and helping to apply for the Scheme vulnerable and hard to reach individuals and groups, as victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse, people with mental health conditions, without a permanent address, and those who are elderly or isolated.

Fiona Magee, Deputy CEO at one of these organisations in Northern Ireland, called Advice NI, said that the organisation has helped over 30,000 people in Northern Ireland to apply to the Scheme.

Whereas, Derek Mitchell, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland said that the organisation he leads helped over 11,000 people apply for the Scheme by providing free, impartial and confidential advice.

Our team of specialist advisers continue to provide support during the coronavirus pandemic through our national helpline, and we are pleased to partner with the UK government in delivering this important service,” he said.

The UK authorities launched the EU Settlement Scheme on March 30, 2019. The same will be open for applications until June 20, 2021.


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