Blog: Ford Fiesta ST and Puma ST prices lowered again after Brexit rise – Autocar

Ford says it has resolved the supply issues that forced it to raise the prices of the Fiesta ST and Puma ST ahead of Brexit on 1 January.

Last month, a Ford UK spokesman had confirmed to Autocar that the rises were “all to do with Brexit,” because some of the engine components used in the production of both models were sourced from the US.

Those components pushed both models over the allowable limit on what proportion of goods can be assembled from parts made outside of the UK and EU for tariff-free access, known as the ‘rules of origin’.

However, Ford now says that, in light of updated guidance, it has “been able to re-evaluate some of our supplier parts and subsequently update our pricing on these models”.

The Fiesta ST-2 is now priced from £21,950, while the Fiesta ST Edition costs from £27,075. Meanwhile, the Puma ST is priced from £28,495, with the Performance Pack version topping the range at £29,445.

Ford also confirmed that the “small number of customers” who had placed an order for either car while the prices had been inflated would be “reimbursed in full”.

Although Ford has found a solution in this case, the new rules in place now that the UK has left the EU could drive up assembly costs, making cars more expensive.

Further clarification on this and many other areas of the newly ratified EU-UK trading agreement is needed, reckon industry leaders. Mike Hawes, CEO of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, has said his team “await the details to ensure this deal works for all automotive goods and technologies, including specifics on rules of origin and future regulatory co-operation”.


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