Blog: Brexit: Welsh students’ return to Erasmus scheme ruled out – BBC News

In a letter to a Member of the European Parliament [MEP], Ms von der Leyen said: “The EU offered the United Kingdom full association to the Erasmus+ programme in exchange for the standard financial contribution from third countries participating in union programmes.”Following a year of constructive negotiations with the UK government, the decision was made in London not to pursue UK association to Erasmus+.”As one constituent nation of the UK, association to Erasmus+ is not possible… separately.”The only possibility for the UK is to associate as a whole, or not at all.”With Northern Irish students being allowed to continue to participate under an arrangement with the Irish government, more than 100 MEPs signed a letter in January asking the EU Commission to consider extending “the benefits of Erasmus programme to students and young professionals in Scotland and Wales”.Following the EU Commission’s response, Terry Reintke, the German Green MEP who organised the letter, said the response was not what MEPs “had hoped for” but they would “continue to explore how Scotland and Wales could stay in Erasmus+”.

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