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Once free to travel, can I continue to take unlimited wine and cheeses to the UK when visiting family there?

New rules have come in following full Brexit with regard to what you can bring into the EU from the UK and vice versa.

In particular with regard to cheeses and other dairy products  however there is some good news, as the UK rules are currently less restrictive than the EU ones – the rules are also flexible when it comes to bringing in wine, though limits apply.

The UK’s most up-do-date information on ‘personal’ imports of foods currently states that the UK has not imposed restrictions on personal imports of dairy foods or of meat.

On the other hand neither can now be taken from the UK to the EU without veterinary certificates.

The UK is phasing in restrictions on imports of plant products (for examle most cut flowers will not be able to be imported to the UK from April), but has not currently clarified if it will tighten up rules on dairy produce at a later date.

As regards taking alcohol from France to the UK, there are limits set by the UK as to what may be imported without having to declare them and pay VAT and potentially import duty, however luckily they are fairly high. 

In the case of wine you can bring in up to 18 litres of still wine as part of your ‘personal allowance’ (when bringing it in for your own use or to give as a gift).

You can also bring in up to nine litres of sparkling wine or fortified wines.

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