Blog: Ford increases UK prices for Fiesta, Puma performance cars due to Brexit – Automotive News Europe

LONDON — Ford has increased UK prices of two of its performance cars that contain a high amount of non-European parts.

Tariffs that result from the trade deal agreed by the European Union and the British government were responsible for the price rises, Ford said.

The base price of the Fiesta ST small hatchback has been increased by 6.6 percent to 23,405 pounds ($31,963). The Puma ST small crossover is 6.7 percent more expensive at 30,415 pounds.

The price increases came into effect on Jan. 1, when the UK left the EU’s single market after a transition period following the country’s vote to leave the EU in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

They Fiesta ST and Puma ST are powered by 197-hp 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engines sourced from Mexico and six-speed manual transmissions produced in the U.S.

Sourcing engines and transmissions from outside of the UK or the EU means the foreign content of the cars rises above the 45 percent allowable under the UK-EU trade agreement that came into force in January, Ford said.

The 1.5-liter engines were previously built at Ford’s factory in Bridgend, Wales, before the plant closed last year.

Ford said it sold about 2,500 Fiesta ST cars in the UK last year, equivalent to 5 percent of total Fiesta sales in the country. The Fiesta was the UK’s best-selling car last year.

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