Blog: Eagerly awaiting a Brexit dividend for the NHS – The Guardian

Sirin Kale concludes that Death in Paradise is “good” (Murder mystery: how Death in Paradise quietly became one of TV’s biggest hits, 13 January). Why, then, does she say that the show uses “a cast of C-list actors”? I’m sure the likes of Kate Beckinsale, Anna Chancellor, Samuel West and Adrian Dunbar, all of whom have appeared on the show, will be somewhat discombobulated with this labelling.
Rupert Bagilhole

Any readers feeling sympathetic about the pressures on ICU staff (Report, 13 January) might consider a donation to the Laura Hyde Foundation, which supports NHS staff with mental health issues.
Elaine Webb

I do hope that Aaron Whiteside, living in the 1930s (Modern life is rubbish! The people whose homes are portals to the past, 12 January), remembers to get dressed under the blankets, as the complete absence of heating in bedrooms meant that, in winter, ice formed on the insides of windows until central heating arrived in the 1960s.
Owen Wells
Ilkley, West Yorkshire

“Perhaps a [Brexit] dividend will come,” writes Martin Kettle (If Brexit is ‘done’, then where’s the dividend?, 13 January). The Brexit campaign bus promised £350m a week for the NHS. By my calculation, the NHS is £700m up already. Is this not right?
Jim Golcher
Greens Norton, Northamptonshire

Harriet Friedmann (Letters, 13 January) suggests that we find an alternative to “conspiracy theory”, since “theory” implies a degree of seriousness and veracity. She suggests “conspiracy myth”. How about “conspiracy bollocks”?
Richard Burtle
Laceby, Lincolnshire

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