Blog: Brexit: NI retail chief appeals to UK government to ensure business are compliant with new regulations – Irish Examiner

The chief executive of Retail Northern Ireland, Glyn Roberts has appealed to the UK government to ensure that businesses and manufacturers were compliant with the new regulations introduced because of Brexit.

Mr Roberts told RTÉ radio’s Morning Ireland that he had no doubt the current problems with supply were “more than teething problems” as had been claimed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, he said he was confident that “to use an old Belfast saying, it will collapse into place”.

His members (in the wholesale sector) had been preparing for the changes under Brexit for some time, but he said that the issue remained a “big challenge” for many British suppliers who had not made preparations or filled out the necessary forms which was leading to delays.

It was vital that the UK government reinforce the message of the importance of being compliant with the new regulations.

Mr Roberts urged shoppers to continue to shop as normal and not to stockpile.

The appeal comes as truckers in the Republic said there will be no quick fix in parcel delivery delays from British e-commerce sites to Ireland, warning the disruption will likely last for months.

It comes as a number of Irish online shoppers have experienced significant delays with parcel deliveries from Britain.

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