Blog: Watch: Beyond Brexit – Navigating global trade and customs (Livestream EP.5) – Automotive Logistics

Watch: Beyond Brexit – Navigating global trade and customs (Livestream EP.5)

By Automotive Logistics2021-01-13T21:00:00

Watch this Livestream Hour episode to get the inside track on coping with Brexit and optimising global trade processes, with exclusive insight from customs experts at Volvo Cars and GEFCO

Despite the agreement between the UK and the European Union, Brexit introduces many new trade and logistics complexities, from customs declarations to new storage and distribution patterns. At the same time, the global trade landscape continues to evolve fast across regions from North America to Asia Pacific, with implications for duties, logistics flows and compliance across the automotive supply chain through to the final customer. The early weeks of the year have already started to demonstrate some of the many challenges and complexities that OEMs, suppliers and logistics providers will face.

In this Livestream Hour, automotive customs and trade experts share practical insights on how to manage and thrive amidst these changes, including Volvo Cars’ head of global customs and export controls, Morten Steen Jensen, and GEFCO’s customs and fiscal representation director, Olivier Thouard.


Watch to learn how companies can navigate complex and continuous change in trade terms both in the context of Brexit and other global developments. Hear about different approaches to managing customs at manufacturers, whether through service providers or inhouse, and how customs teams’ roles are evolving from being seen as more of a support service and additional cost to becoming an integral, proactive enabler for supply chain optimisation and success.

Register to join for in-depth insight and to ask your specific questions on changing customs and trade processes.

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