Blog: ‘Welcome to Brexit’: Dutch officials confiscate British truckers’ sandwiches under new import rules –

British hauliers have had ham sandwiches confiscated at the Dutch border after customs officers told truckers “welcome to Brexit”. 

In video footage aired by Dutch TV it shows British drivers having their packed lunches confiscated under new Brexit rules which ban the personal importation of any meat and dairy items. 

In the recording the officer tells the lorry driver, who is outside his vehicle at the Hook of Holland ferry terminal, that as a result of Brexit, “you are no longer allowed to bring certain foods to Europe, like meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, that kind of stuff.”

The new laws came into effect on New Year’s Day, after the transition period was completed. 

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) states commercial drivers will “not be able to bring POAO (products of an animal origin) such as those containing meat or dairy (for example, a ham and cheese sandwich) into the EU”. 

It comes as hauliers have warned that freight delays will escalate this week as more firms attempt to send lorries abroad.

Rod McKenzie, director of policy and public affairs at the Road Haulage Association (RHA), said he was “very worried” about the impact of post-Brexit customs checks.

He said: “Traders have been holding off sending lorries into harm’s way, because they wanted to see what other people’s problems were so they could learn from them.

“But you can’t keep doing that forever, you’ve got to trade. There will come a moment when people bite the bullet and send the truck.”

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