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Grant Shapps has refused to say whether he thinks Donald Trump should be impeached or removed from office, following the riots in Washington this week. 

Democrats have called for the outgoing 45th president to be forced out of the White House before the inauguration on January 20 over his involvement in the storming of the Capitol building on Wednesday. 

Asked for his view, the Transport Secretary told Sky News: “What happened completely dishonours democracy and it was despicable to see those people encouraged to go to the Capitol building and ransack it like that and there’s people’s lives that have been lost as well.

“But leave it to the Americans to resolve. America’s a great democracy, they’ve got all the institutions in place, the checks and balances are there and to see something like that happen in the United States is really quite extraordinary and I know there will be quite some reflection on that.”

Pressed again, he said: “It is inescapable that people were encouraged to go and march on the Capitol building, the scenes were really quite despicable but we’ll leave it to the Americans. I’m sure they’ll put whatever they feel the correct process is in place.”

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